9 Outstanding Stories for Travelers Rest to Tell You Today (2016)

by Celeste Hawkins | August 29, 2016

What are the best stories that Travelers Rest, SC, has in its repertoire right now? We wanted to take a look back and share with you nine of those stories that our fans here at TravelersRestHere.com have read and savored and shared the most since this time last year — just in case you’ve missed any of those need-to-know tales of our town.

9. Do You Know These 10 Facts about Campbell’s Covered Bridge?

It’s one of the only remaining covered bridges in America. And Travel and Leisure calls it one of the most beautiful. (Continue reading . . .)

8. The Real Story of South Carolina’s Oldest, Most Memorable Bridge

Today, the old but astonishing bridge looks completely out of place. The grand, stone Gothic arch of Poinsett Bridge stands in stark contrast to an otherwise ordinary grove of poplar and oak trees. In other words, this dignified and historic structure is all but “hidden in a patch of unmarked forest in the mountains of northwestern South Carolina.” (Continue reading . . .)

7.She’s Watched Travelers Rest’s Food Scene Grow Like Crazy

Nichole Livengood can remember when The Cafe at Williams Hardware was actually Williams Hardware and when Sidewall Pizza Company served as the Bryant and Lell Tire Center. Nowadays, she writes about the restaurants that have taken up residence in those buildings on her food blog, GapCreekGourmet.com. (Continue reading . . .)

6. You’ve Never in Your Life Seen Fireflies Like These

Dark settles in, and the spring forest just ahead of you lights up with a magical swarm, moving together like an early morning fog, in and out of the trees that shade you. But this is no ordinary white, misty fog. No. It’s a steady, shining body of . . . blue. (Continue reading . . .)

5. 10 Really Good Reasons We Love Travelers Rest

What’s so great about small town Travelers Rest, S.C.? We’re glad you asked. To be fair, the list of good things to say about this place is long — and growing. But if we’ve got to narrow it down to a small handful, then each of these makes the cut. (Continue reading . . .)

4. Paris Mountain and the ‘Scoundrel’ Who Named It

You may wonder why a mountain called Paris Mountain casts its shadow on the small town of Travelers Rest in South Carolina. Wouldn’t a mountain like that belong, instead, somewhere in northern France? Well, this peculiarly-placed peak actually earned its name all because of a typo. (Continue reading . . .)

3. This Woodsy Hangout Is the Best New Thing in Travelers Rest

What do you get when you take some of the best things about Travelers Rest — good food, culture, and time with friends — and put them all together in one space? You get The Grove. (Continue reading . . .)

2. (UPDATED) One Strange, Rundown Gas Station That Will Make You Look Twice

At one point, it was a commodity — probably the first gas station in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Today, it’s an old, graying spectacle of a building that no one who passes can soon forget. Folks who drive into town on South 276 with any frequency remember it’s on the right, just across the street from an Ingles grocery store. And most hope, every time, to get stuck at the corner stoplight there at Hunt Street, so they might take a longer look than last time.(Continue reading . . .)

1. (UPDATED) The Unexplainable Happenings of Poinsett Bridge at Night

By day, Poinsett Bridge — one of the oldest bridges in the whole state of South Carolina — offers a quiet, remote setting amidst the mountains of northern Greenville County for relaxing and exploring. But by night, the bridge becomes the site of seemingly unexplainable paranormal activity. (Continue reading . . .)

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