Making Space and Rearranging

by Lacey Keigley | November 29, 2016

You know how when your Christmas tree comes in your front door right after Thanksgiving and you suddenly have to rearrange the entire living room furniture to make the tree fit?

You find yourself pushing a leather ottoman into the hall and stashing that extra lamp in your guest bedroom and filling your hall closet full of year-round decorations to make enough space for the red and green holiday ones instead?

That’s sort of how we feel over here at TravelersRestHere on the website this month.

We shared with you a few weeks ago about our good friend and website creator Celeste Hawkins transitioning out of her ownership role with TravelersRestHere.  (And thank you so much for the kind words and the thoughtful notes and the sweet comments about the fantastic job she has done in creating and maintaining a wonderful spot here online for us all to share our love and inform our locals and our visitors about just exactly what it is that keeps people driving their cars and riding their bikes right onto our Main Street week after week.)

Our same staff of writers are still typing and creating and we are full of glad that they are hanging around and sharing their talents.  Our Instagram feed has a talented photographer and we’re making a handful of nips and tucks here and there – adding a little gloss and breaking out the polish and shine for a bit of this and that.

We don’t want to fix what isn’t broken.  

Our purpose is still people and stories and what makes Travelers Rest, Travelers Rest.

But we’ve got a little fine-tuning to take care of first.

A little redecorating, if you will.

Don’t worry – we aren’t ditching the beloved sweet potato pie and serving up brussels sprouts instead.  (Not that’s there’s anything wrong with brussels sprouts, mind you.)  We’re just adding in a few of our own special secrets to the menu.

Mostly, right now, we want you to know what’s going on.  To keep you informed.  And we want you to keep tuning in.  Keep sharing our page and keep reading our weekly blog posts.  Keep telling us what you think and what you want to read on this page and in our weekly newsletter.  (Which, speaking of that little newsletter, you’ll be seeing again appearing in your inbox soon enough.  But, for the time being, the newsletter is on a mini hiatus.)  Especially keep following along on Facebook and Instagram – that’s going to be the easiest place to remain informed and up to date on our progress here on the website, but – more importantly, that’ll keep you up to date on the stories and the faces of our favorite small town – TR.

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