Welcome.  Come on in.  Sit for a while and let us tell you all about a special place called Travelers Rest, SC.

Yes.  You heard right: Travelers Rest.

We think it’s a pretty great name for a pretty great town that’s growing, happenin’ and just in general becoming more famous for its best-of-both-worlds kind of living.

Travelers Rest’s Location: It’s All in the Name

Travelers Rest (the locals call it TR) is a charming small town set at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Upstate South Carolina, right about midway between the award-winning city of Greenville, SC and the North Carolina line south of Asheville, NC.

Early settlers picked the perfect name for this town. When you happened upon Travelers Rest back in the 1800s, it was because you’d either just come down through the Western Carolina mountains or because you were about to go up them by horse and wagon.

This was a place to rest up after a long journey, or before one.

Our Team

You might say the entire town of Travelers Rest is our team at TravelersRestHere.com, but that would be a whole lotta donuts to buy for a meeting, so we’ll stick with our regular crew for this section.

Lacey E. Keigley
Owner, Editor and Late Night Writer
Lacey is a writer and a blogger, a mother and a homeschool teacher.  When she moved to Travelers Rest almost a decade ago she first researched the town online to get a feel for the community.  And now, coming full circle, as a TR resident and a huge fan of this little town at the foot of the mountains, she is managing the experience others see online.  Lacey writes a daily lifestyle blog at SoEveryDay.com. Over there you can read about her adventures with her half dozen children and about her love of travel and love of beautiful literature and her late night ramblings.

Melinda Long
Staff Writer and Official Encourager
Melinda is the author of New York Times bestsellers children’s books, How I Became a Pirate and Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.  She was raised in Travelers Rest from an early age and now lives in Greenville with her husband, Thom.  She is the mother of two adult children and three spoiled dogs.  Melinda loves acting, yoga and Doctor Who!  If she had a time machine, she still wouldn’t change anything about her life.  You can follow Melinda’s work as an author at MelindaLong.com.
Jason Greer
Jason Greer
Staff Writer and Idea Generator
Jason is a native of Greenville County, where his family has lived, studied, worked and worshiped for generations. His family actually founded the city of Simpsonville, not Greer, as you might expect. He loves our unique landscape, historical story and our natural heritage, and this particular interest is seen in many of his writings on this site. He is especially interested in hoping that many see the revitalization of our area as a way to breathe new life into things that were already wonderful. He works as a communications and IT professional, and has worked on marketing and technical projects for companies and non-profits around the region, and also serves on the advisory board of South Carolina ETV.

Jane Howard
Photographer and IG Hero
Jane is a professional photographer specializing in storytelling photography.  In her own life, Jane’s story includes two dogs and a husband, a camera and an obsession with coffee and chocolate and running and maybe ice cream too.  Jane and her husband Walter have been living in Travelers Rest for more than a decade and they’ve been walking TR’s trails for about that long too, usually with a dog or two for company.  Their pets seem to somehow find them, but Jane doesn’t really mind that.  See more of Jane’s photos at her website, Jane Howard Photography and on Instagram. We bet you’ll find a shot or two of her pups in there.

West Jones
Website Designer and Calming Presence

West is a web designer and developer and loves to bring his creativity to the web. He and his wife Faith and their son Kellett love to play out side and go to the park. West is pretty sure the perfect way to spend an evening is to have a craft beer and listen to some music.  When he’s not working you can probably find him playing his guitar or mandolin.

Emma Joersz
Graphic Designer and Sounding Board
Emma works remotely for Travelers Rest Here and her work reminds us that we are so thankful for the internet’s ability to bring far away things close.  Emma has a husband and three sons – thank goodness for Stella and Addie (their two adorable girl dogs) to bring some balance to all that testosterone.  Although Emma spends a fair amount of time cheering on her boys at their various sports, we’re glad she makes time for her many creative talents, including photography and graphic design.  You can find more of Emma’s work at Paper Story Photo + Design.

Talk of the Town

Hey, you don’t have to take our word on all this. We know we’re probably a good bit biased when it comes to Travelers Rest. So here’s a few nice things folks from the outside looking in have said about us in the last few years:

  • “Long overlooked as a thoroughfare between Western North Carolina and nearby Greenville to the south, Travelers Rest, South Carolina, is making a name as an adventure – and dining – destination in the Southeast.” – ConsiderCollective.com
  • “In the past five years, Travelers Rest has experienced what could safely be called a boom of great proportions. The Swamp Rabbit Trail brings thousands to the area each week, retail shops are opening all along Main Street and visitors see it more and more as a destination.” – The Greenville News
  • “Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Travelers Rest is a great example of what downtown revitalization can do for a place.” – OnlyinYourState.com
  • “Travelers Rest is the jewel of South Carolina’s Upcountry. Visitors will find themselves at the intersection of small town sundries and mountain backcountry, where the comforts and convenience of Main Street blends with the joy and solace of the wilderness.” – RootsRated.com
  • “Formerly just one of the forgotten little towns between Greenville and the mountains, Travelers Rest has become a great place to explore, eat, drink and simply escape for a day without being too far from home. Regardless of your interests, the town has something for everyone.” – IndependentMail.com

And here are a few other big mentions we’ve racked up:

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Find Out for Yourself

Still, we hope you’ll find out for yourself why travelers rest here in this special place called Travelers Rest. If you pay us a visit, you may just end up settling in for good. Don’t worry. You’ll be in good company.

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